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Immigration to a foreign country can be an important milestone in someone’s life. At CANINVISAS we get many queries about the benefit of hiring RCIC. Why hire RCIC

1 Why do I need to hire RCIC ?

  • RCIC is your best resource to provide you with correct immigration advice and the best possible solution to your immigration needs
  • RCIC, with previous experience, can provide you with useful tips. RCIC have access to the professional online platform that shares best practices in the industry. You are assured that you are in best hands
  • Post submission, RCIC will answer all queries from the immigration officer. So, you don’t have to worry about missed communications, updates from CIC, and answering queries on your case
  • We understand that every case is different. Some cases are lengthy. During the case, the applicant may have a change in family condition or may experience other surprises. RCIC will be able to handle these complexities and can reduce your stress!!

2 What is included in the RCIC fees

  • Initial consultation
  • Review of the case and suggest the best possible option
  • Help in documentation
  • Review of the documents
  • Draft submission / representative letter signed by regulated immigration consultant – Imp!!
  • CommunicatION with CIC
  • Track the case and update client
  • Help to address the changes during processing

3) What is NOT included in the RCIC fees

  • Processing (CIC) fees
  • Medical and biometric fees
  • Courier fees
  • Police clearance fees

4) Why can’t I fill my application on my own? My friend told me that they filled their applications and were successful….

This is your decision to retain an RCIC for your application. Please read the questions above and make your decision. RCIC will ensure quality service and will reduce your stress during the application process!!