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Spouse Open Work Permit – International Students

April 21, 2020

Spouse Open Work Permit – International Students


Spouses or common-law partners of international students are allowed to accept employment in the general labour market without the need for an LMIA. This exemption is intended for spouses who are not, themselves, full-time students. Work permits may be issued with a validity date to coincide with the spouse’s study permit. It is very important that if international student married after obtaining a student visa, the student should inform the visa office or the immigration officer at the port of entry that his/her marital status has changed

Do you know that a visa officer considers several factors for marriage genuineness while processing open work permits for a spouse? Visa officers may consider – the compatibility of education(Applicant & spouse-international student ), relationship duration, the relationship before and after marriage, and continued relationship. The applicant should ensure to provide sufficient documentation for the visa officer to evaluate and make a final decision on the application. Please note that the onus is on the applicant to provide necessary documentation during submission. The documents should support the following:
1) Status of current enrollment of the international student
2) Evidence to prove contact before marriage, marriage ceremonies, time spent together after marriage, and the progression of the relationship

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